Collaboration musicale pour Veronica Moser – Pulsion De Mort [SS005]

Ma dernière collaboration musicale !!!
Ravie d’avoir pu collaborer pour le dernier album de l’artiste Veronica Moser – Pulsion De Mort [SS005]. Vocalises & paroles des deux titres « #8. communion, faire corps » Valérie Hendrich dont un remix de Kumasi the DJ.

Sonidos Subterraneos Presents:

Veronica Moser – Pulsion De Mort [SS005]

« The human balance is made up of two attractions, one with death, the other with life. »

Veronica Moser is a feminoise project from Athens. This time presents his album « Pulsion De Mort » a journey of recondite sounds, which transit between the drone, noise, ambient and some experimental elements.
It is an album with 12 tracks, 10 of them originals and 2 remixes. (Kumasi the DJ)
Pulsion De Mort was written about 2-3 years ago, and has collaborations such as: Mandy, Paramorphosi, Saturn Drive, and Valerie Hendrich

Artist: Veronica Moser
Title: Pulsion De Mort
Label: Sonidos Subterraneos
Catalogue: SS005
Master: Giannis Michos
Release Date: 30 May, 2022

Bandcamp :

Soundcloud :

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